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This position paper gives a brief overview of opportunities and challenges for ventilative cooling solutions both:
Article 19a of Directive 2018/844, includes the requirement for the Commission to perform, before 2020, a feasibility study to clarify the possibilities and timeline for introducing two aspects in order to improve buildings’ energy performance: -
François Durier, Peter Wouters, Maarten De Strycker, Gaëlle Guyot, Max Sherman, Valérie Leprince, Matteo Urbani
In March 2017, AIVC identified smart ventilation for buildings as a new and important topic to be addressed.
François Durier, Rémi Carrié, Max Sherman
New buildings, as well as the renovated building stock, should aim not just for good energy performance but also for good quality of the works, as this is a prerequisite for high building energy performance.
Hans Erhorn, Heike Erhorn-Kluttig, Susanne Geissler, Peter Wouters
Practical  experience shows that it is challenging to implement a robust compliance and enforcement framework for Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) for buildings.
François Durier, Susanne Geissler, Peter Wouters
Exposures in homes constitute the major part of exposures to airborne pollutants experienced through the human lifetime. They can constitute from 60 to 95% of our total lifetime exposures, of which 30% occurs when we sleep.
Wouter Borsboom, Willem De Gids, Jennifer Logue, Max Sherman, Pawel Wargocki
This report gives an overview to the design principles and construction methods for building airtightness.
François Rémi Carrié, R. Jobert, Valérie Leprince
This report gives a critical review of steps taken in 10 countries (Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Netherlands, Japan, Sweden, UK, USA) with regard to testing and reporting schemes as well as overall quality approaches to improve buil
François Rémi Carrié, Peter Wouters
Issues such as compliance with European legislation on the energy performance of buildings, the inter-comparison of building energy performance across Europe, plus specific topics such as thermal bridges, summer comfort, ventilation and the use of
During the final phase of the ASIEPI project on Assessment and Improvement of the EPBD Impact, the idea of producing a book which presents the major findings from this project was launched.