A guiding hand in the huge information minefield

Over the past 30 years, there has been a tremendous growth in the volume of available knowledge on indoor climate, energy efficiency and the ventilation of buildings.

It is therefore increasingly important to efficiently handle the available information, to make it accessible in a format suitable for the (various types of) users, to identify major trends and to have intelligent centralisation of information. This kind of work can be done at the level of an individual organisation or country, but there clearly are major synergetic benefits if done in an international and multi-organisational context. This is why INIVE (International Network for Information on Ventilation and Energy performance) was founded in 2001.


The present members are all leading organisations in the building sector, with expertise in building technology, human sciences and dissemination/publishing of information. They also actively conduct research in this field - the development of new knowledge will always be important for INIVE members.

INIVE has multiple aims, including the collection and efficient storage of relevant information, providing guidance and identifying major trends, developing intelligent systems to provide the world of construction with useful knowledge in the area of energy efficiency, indoor climate and ventilation. Building energy-performance regulations are another major area of interest for the INIVE members, especially the implementation of the European Energy Performance of Buildings Directive.

With respect to the dissemination of information, INIVE aims for the widest possible distribution of information.