venticool is the international ventilative cooling platform launched in October 2012 to accelerate the uptake of ventilative cooling  by raising awareness, sharing experience and steering research and development efforts in the field of ventilative cooling. In 2020, venticool decided to broaden its scope towards resilient ventilative cooling. The platform supports better guidance for the appropriate implementation of resilient ventilative cooling strategies as well as adequate credit for such strategies in building regulations. The platform philosophy is to pull resources together and to avoid duplicating efforts to maximize the impact of existing and new initiatives. venticool joins forces with international projects (in particular IEA EBC annex 62- Ventilative cooling and, more recently, EBC annex 80 - Resilient cooling of buildings) and organizations with significant experience and/or well identified in the field of ventilation and thermal comfort like AIVC ( and REHVA (

The platform has been initiated by INIVE with the financial and/or technical support of the following partners: Agoria Naventa, Reynaers AluminiumVeluxWindowMasterREHVA, Active House, the CIBSE Natural Ventilation Group and Eurowindoor.

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