The ASIEPI project (01/10/2007 - 31/03/2010) was coordinated by INIVE and dealt with the implementation of the EU EPBD directive and analysed the following aspects:

  • EPBD requires Member States to define building energy performance requirements... but did the Member States take this opportunity to strengthen their existing legislation?
  • Member States are free to define their calculation methods and their requirements... Is it therefore possible to compare requirements across Europe? If yes, are the requirements from one country more severe than those of neighbouring countries?
  • EPBD gives a list of aspects to consider in the calculation procedures... Practically - how to effectively handle thermal bridges, stimulate good summer comfort conditions and good building and duct airtightness?
  • EPBD should not be a barrier for innovation. Are there legal and technical frameworks to assess the energy performance of new innovative systems not covered by the standard procedures?
  • Regulations are only useful if they are respected. How do the Member States organise control and compliance?

In addition to the traditional reports, publications, contributions to workshops and conferences, ASIEPI has also disseminated its result through web events and presentations-on-demand. Web events are on-line workshops that are broadcast on the Internet, with some possibilities of asking questions to the speakers.

Most of the reports produced in the context of the ASIEPI project are included in the book published by INIVE "Stimulating increased energy efficiency and better building ventilation".