Terms of use

1. Applicability

These terms of use apply to all websites managed by the INIVE (the “Website”). In this text “we”, “us” or “INIVE”.

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By browsing, consulting or otherwise using the Website, you agree to these terms and conditions and undertake to comply with them. These are the only ones valid, to the exclusion of other conditions.

If you do not agree to any of the terms herein, please stop using the Website.

We reserve the right to change these terms at any time and will notify you by means of a notice through the Website. However, it is recommended that you regularly check the conditions yourself for changes. If you do not agree with any of the changes, please stop using the Website. If you continue to use the Website, you automatically agree to the changes.


2. Access

The Website can be consulted through recent computers on which software is installed (browser, operating system, etc.). However, INIVE does not guarantee any compatibility and can in no way be held liable if, for whatever reason, you cannot consult or use (part of) the Website.

The Website is provided for informational purposes only. You only acquire the right to consult this Website in a personal capacity. Any commercial use of this Website is strictly prohibited.

We pay a lot of attention to the correctness and completeness of the information that is made available on the Website. If we are made aware of inaccuracies, we will try to correct them as soon as possible. However, INIVE is not liable for any errors or mistakes in the information provided on the Website. This information is:

of a general nature only and not addressing the specific circumstances of any person, entity or application;
not necessarily comprehensive, complete, accurate or up to date;
no individual advice (for specific advice you should always contact an expert).

We strive to prevent interruptions due to technical failures as much as possible. However, we cannot guarantee that the Website will not be interrupted.

It is strictly prohibited to gain access, in any way and by any technical means, to parts that are not publicly posted online and to which you have not received access from us. It is also strictly forbidden to change, adapt, add and / or remove items from the Website, in any way and by any technical means, except by means intended for the public by INIVE.

You undertake not to perform any act, regardless of the technical means used, which may at any time affect the proper functioning of the Website.

It is prohibited to use any (automatic) system, such as but not limited to 'robots', 'spiders', 'offline readers', etc., with the intention of creating access to the Website in such a way that more messages are sent to the Website or data is retrieved from the Website than is feasible for a human being in a normal (manual) action and with the use of a normal web browser. INIVE does allow public search engines to visit the content of the Website via 'spiders' and the like with the sole intention of making the access and content of the Website available through their search engines. INIVE reserves the right to withdraw the authorization as formulated in this article at any time.

Hyperlinking and / or deep linking to the Website is only permitted after obtaining permission from INIVE. In any case, after you have obtained the permission, each link must always point to the homepage of the Website.


3. Intellectual Property Rights

The concept, the content, the layout, the structure, the source code, the software, the images, the photos, the animations, the audio-visual works, the texts, data, the products, the brands, music and all other parts of the Website is and will remain the exclusive property of INIVE and its third-party licenses and are protected by various intellectual property rights (including copyright, trademark, sui generis right of the producer of a database, etc.), which you acknowledge and accept. By browsing this Website, you do not acquire any rights to it.

The Website and the information it contains or refers to are published for informational purposes only. Any reproduction, reissue or other exploitation is strictly prohibited. Applications for permission to reproduce the information appearing on the Website must be directed to the webmaster of INIVE.


4. Liability
4.1. Data and information

INIVE endeavours to ensure that the data and information it places on the Website is complete, accurate and up to date. However, it does not guarantee this. The data and information are intended for a wide audience and may contain information that does not apply to your situation. Moreover, errors, incompleteness or outdated data can never be ruled out and INIVE does not give any guarantees in this regard. You acknowledge that the data and information on the Website is for informational purposes only and must be verified with the relevant specialists. The decision to use it is your decision and your sole responsibility.

INIVE is in no way liable in the event of damage or loss of any nature whatsoever arising from the use, consultation or downloading of any part of the Website. Nor is INIVE liable for any damage, of whatever nature, that may result from decisions you might take on the basis of any data or information on the Website. INIVE also has the right to change the information or data published on the Website at any time.

4.2. Links

The Website may contain links to other sites. The sole purpose of links to other websites is to facilitate the consultation of the Website. The existence of links to other websites does not in any way imply that INIVE approves the content of the mentioned websites of third parties. Under no circumstances can INIVE be held liable for a website of third parties.

4.3. Safety 

Although INIVE tries to keep the Website free of malicious software, it cannot be ruled out that it was installed by third parties without the knowledge of INIVE. INIVE is not liable for any damage or loss resulting from this. It is necessary to always install the necessary firewall, antivirus and other protective software in order to prevent possible damage to your computer. If you should detect the presence of malicious software on the Website, you must report this to the webmaster so that the necessary measures can be taken.

4.4. Messages

Messages of all kinds (posts, tips, links, messages, reactions, announcements, etc.) from third parties may be included on this Website. Such messages are posted by third parties without prior checking by INIVE. Since these messages are the work of third parties, INIVE cannot be held liable in any way for any damage that may result from them, nor for any errors in their content. All texts, data, photos, videos, messages or other materials placed within these messages are the sole responsibility of the person from whom this information originates. If you believe that such a notice violates your rights or otherwise harms you, please contact us at info@inive.org.

4.5. Forecasts

The information disseminated on the Website may contain estimates that involve a degree of uncertainty, in particular with regard to scientific, commercial, economic or financial factors. Actual results may therefore differ significantly from forecasts. INIVE is not liable for such deviations.

5. Privacy

INIVE respects the applicable regulations and processes personal data strictly in accordance with its privacy policy.


6. Final provisions
6.1. Invalidity

These provisions of these terms of use are divisible. Therefore, the annulment of one or more provisions does not in any way affect the validity of other provisions. If any part of these terms of use is declared excessively broad, the provision will, notwithstanding this fact, be enforceable to the maximum permitted by law. If any part of these terms and conditions is considered completely invalid, the parties will replace them in good faith with a provision which approximates as closely as possible the economic effect of the invalidated provision.

6.2. Competent court and applicable law

Any dispute, of whatever nature, that may arise from the consultation and / or use of the Website is subject to Belgian law and falls under the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts and Courts of Brussels (Belgium).

6.3. Notices and Contact

You expressly agree that all notifications from INIVE can be validly made to you via the e-mail address you have provided to INIVE and / or in the case of general notifications, by notification via the Website. These notifications are made in the national languages ​​or in English.

For all questions regarding these conditions, you can always contact INIVE at info@inive.org.