Hans Erhorn, Heike Erhorn-Kluttig, Susanne Geissler, Peter Wouters
Languages: English | Pages: 88 pp
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New buildings, as well as the renovated building stock, should aim not just for good energy performance but also for good quality of the works, as this is a prerequisite for high building energy performance. Various experiences show that there are cases where the quality of the works is a (major) issue of concern. This source book aims to provide guidelines and suggestions for better enforcement of quality of the works.

The source book focuses on three conditions which have to be met in order to achieve agreement with all involved parties in practice:

there must be an agreement about the specifications which have to be met by the works,
there must be the required knowledge/competence to design and execute the works according to the specifications, and
there must be the will and resources to carry out the works according to the specifications.

In order to achieve better enforcement of quality of the works, it is crucial to take the local context into account. As such, the source book provides suggestions regarding choices to be made at country level, whereby societal support is crucial.