9 November 2011, Webinar – Achieving better envelope airtightness in practice-Recent Norwegian training and dissemination schemes
10:00 Europe/Brussels

Following the recast of the energy performance of buildings directive published in May 2010, EU countries will have to implement regulations to increase the number of nearly zero-energy buildings (NZEB) in the next few years, and to generalize nearly zero energy targets in new buildings and major renovations. In most European countries, building and ductwork leaks have a significant impact on energy performance and indoor climate and therefore merit special attention in the context of this directive.

The objective of this webinar was to discuss the lessons learnt from recent hands-on training and dissemination schemes implemented in Norway, which may inspire other initiatives.

Presentations & Speakers

  • Introduction TightVent training webinars, Rémi Carrié and Peter Wouters, INIVE, Belgium
  • The “HOLD TIGHT” campaign, Guro Hauge, Lavenergiprogrammet (Low Energy Programme), Norway
  • Encouraging early airtightness testing by craftsmen, Tormod Aurlien, UMB, Norway
  • Future steps & new initiatives, Peter Schild, SINTEF, Norway

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