4 May 2023, Webinar – Building and ductwork airtightness trends and regulations in France, Belgium and Greece
10:00 Europe/Brussels

Significant discrepancies have been observed among European countries, regarding the building and ductwork airtightness trends, attributed to differences between national policies, building practices and climate conditions. Minimum requirements for building airtightness are sometimes included in national Energy Performance regulations with a mandatory justification required by testing or applying a certified approach like in France, or with high default values making airtightness testing implicitly mandatory like in Belgium. On the other hand, other countries like Greece have no requirement on building airtightness and very few tests are performed to control it. Regarding ductwork airtightness, even if the significant impact of leaky ventilation ductworks on energy use and IAQ has been well established in the literature, the awareness on this issue is raising slowly.

A series of Ventilation Information Papers (VIPs) is being developed and published by the AIVC to present national trends and regulation on building and ductwork airtightness. The aim of this webinar was to present the current situation in three European countries based on these papers: France, Belgium and Greece.

This webinar was organised with the support of the Air Infiltration and Ventilation Centre (www.aivc.org) and TightVent Europe (www.tightvent.eu). Both initiatives are facilitated by INIVE (www.inive.org).

Programme (CET)

  • 10:00 | Introduction: Presentation of the series of AIVC VIPs on building and ductwork airtightness regulations, Nolwenn Hurel, INIVE, France | Slides, Recordings
  • 10:05 | Building and ductwork airtightness in France: National trends and requirements, Bassam Moujalled & Adeline Mélois (Cerema / LOCIE, France)​ | Slides, Recordings
  • 10:20 | Questions and answers
  • 10:30 | Building and ductwork airtightness in Belgium: National trends and requirements, Liesje Van Gelder (BCCA, Belgium)​ | Slides, Recordings
  • 10:45 | Questions and answers | Recordings
  • 10:55 | Building and ductwork airtightness in Greece: National trends and requirements, Theodoros Sotirios Tountas (F.U.V., Greece)​ | Slides, Recordings
  • 11:10 | Questions and answers | Recordings
  • 11:30 | End of the webinar

For further information please scroll down to download the flyer & slides and view the recordings.