4 June 2013, Webinar - Building Airtightness Solutions: Recent Research and Characterisation of Sealants and Tapes
10:00 Europe/Brussels

While building airtightness is a key concern in Nearly Zero-Energy Buildings in most European climates, there exists already a wide range of commercially-available products specifically designed to minimize leakage in building envelopes. The objective of this webinar was to give information on the performance and properties of these products based on research including laboratory and field tests. The speakers also provided information on standards already published and under development on this subject.
This webinar was organized in the framework of TightVent Europe (www.tightvent.eu), the building and ductwork airtightness platform which is facilitated by INIVE (www.inive.org). 


  • Introduction and context of the webinar | Peter Wouters and Rémi Carrié
  • Airtightness of window-wall interfaces in masonry brick walls and wood-frame construction| Nathan Van den Bossche, Ghent University, Belgium
  • Questions and Answers #1 
  • Airtightness of sealants and expanding foams: Characterisation and VOC emissions | Filip Van Mieghem, Soudal, Belgium
  • Questions and Answers #2
  • Impregnated tapes: Applicable standards and properties| Stefan Tenbuss, Tremco illbruck, Germany
  • Questions & Answers

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