30 November 2021, Webinar – Inspection of ventilation systems in new regulations in European countries
10:30 Europe/Brussels

In the context of energy use reduction, low energy buildings are becoming more widespread. This kind of construction requires a good envelope airtightness to prevent uncontrolled leakages of conditioned air leading to energy losses. As a result, more and more ventilation systems are installed to ensure a sufficient air change rate, to guarantee good indoor air quality and building durability while controlling energy losses.

However, in practice, many issues are reported with installed ventilation systems not providing the expected flowrates or leading to discomfort (noise, draught, etc.). Therefore, in more and more countries new energy performance regulations now impose the inspection of ventilation systems at commissioning.

The objective of this webinar was to present those new requirements in Ireland, Germany and France.

This webinar was organized by the AIVC & TightVent Europe. The webinar was facilitated by INIVE.

Programme (Brussels time)

  • 10:30 | Overview of international protocols for the inspection of ventilation systems, Valerie Leprince  –INIVE, France | Slides, Recordings
  • 10:50 | Inspection of ventilation systems in Irish regulation: Technical Guidance Document (TGD) to Part F of the Irish Building Regulations, Gary O’Sullivan  – National Standards Authority of Ireland, Ireland  | Slides, Recordings
  • 11:05 | Questions and Answers – part 1 | Recordings
  • 11:10 | Inspection of ventilation systems in German regulation: Gebäudeenergiegesetz (GEG) 2020, Dan Hildebrandt – TGA-Effizienz, Germany​ | Slides, Recordings
  • 11:25 | Questions and Answers – part 2 | Recordings
  • 11:30 | Inspection of ventilation systems in French regulation: RE2020, Sandrine Charrier  – CEREMA, France​ | Slides, Recordings
  • 11:45 | Questions and Answers – part 3 & Closing | Recordings
  • 12:00 | End of webinar

For further information please scroll down to download the flyer and slides and view the recordings.