3-4 March 2010, Workshop, Amsterdam - National trends of innovative products and systems for energy-efficient buildings-Barriers and strategies for an accelerated market uptake
03 - 04 March 2010 | Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Science Center NEMO Amsterdam
13:30 Europe/Brussels

The aims of the workshop: 

  • To identify national trends and barriers for adoption of current and emerging energy-efficient technologies and products for buildings. The workshop will provide a forum of discussion and consensus development among policy and decision makers in government, industry, and research institutes. Specific attention will be paid to energy efficient ventilation and boundary conditions for a good indoor climate.
  • To outline strategies and drivers for change to incentives to increase adoption rate of these technologies, and accelerate the transition process towards a comfortable, healthy, and energy-efficient built environment. Emphasis will be placed on aspects of cooling and heating.
  • To discuss what are emerging technologies with high potential to realize energy-efficient buildings and good indoor environments. And to find an answer to the question if there are sufficient incentives to accelerate market introduction.
  • To document success stories and best practices that facilitated effective uptake and implementation of energy-efficient and innovative technologies in buildings, while taking high quality and healthy environments into account.

​The expected outcome of this workshop:

The findings were documented into a report that summarised barriers, strategies and a sample of best practices for an accelerated market uptake of innovative products for energy-efficient and high quality buildings.

  • For all participants:
    • Update on best practices, success stories, and barriers for market update of energy-efficient technologies in buildings.
  • Primarily for policy makers:
    • Consensus on required boundary conditions and drivers for an effective market uptake of innovative technologies for energy-efficient buildings.
    • Update on emerging technologies for energy-efficient and healthy buildings.
  • Primarily for industry:
    • Insights in (national) markets on innovative buildings technologies, technologies with high impact for energy savings.
    • An answer to the question what is needed to launch a good product in the market.