26 March 2024, Webinar – Exploring window opening behaviour for optimal cooling and thermal comfort
14:00 Europe/Brussels

Occupants use windows to control their thermal comfort and indoor air quality (IAQ). However, occupants often have to make a compromise between thermal, acoustic and visual comfort, IAQ and energy use for space conditioning. Moreover, they are not only looking for good indoor environmental quality, but also for their needs for security and privacy.

This webinar aimed to inform architects, engineers, building professionals and researchers on recent findings on user behaviour concerning window opening and its effect on cooling energy use and thermal comfort. How can a coaching tool help the occupants to know whether it is a good option to open or close their windows? What are the environmental and contextual drivers for opening and closing windows in residential buildings in summer? How can we integrate user behaviour regarding window opening into building energy simulation tools?

This webinar was organized by the Air Infiltration and Ventilation Centre - AIVC in collaboration with venticool. The webinar was facilitated by INIVE.

Programme (CET)

  • 14:00 | Welcome & Introduction, Hilde Breesch, KU Leuven, Belgium | Recordings
  • 14:05 | Introduction to an IAQ and thermal comfort coach prototype to improve comfort and energy consumption thanks to adequate management of natural ventilation, Arnaud Jay, CEA liten/INES, France | Slides, Recordings
  • 14:20 | Coupling methodology of windows and ceiling fan occupant behaviour models with building energy models: a tropical case study, Maäréva Payet & Maxime Boulinguez , PIMENT Lab University of La Réunion/ Laboratoire d’Ecologie Urbaine Réunion, France ​| Slides, Recordings
  • 14:35 | Observing and modeling window states in French dwellings monitored during a summer with heatwaves, Mathilde Hostein, Cerema/ENTPE, France​ | Slides, Recordings
  • 14:50 | Questions and answers | Recordings
  • 15:15 | End of the webinar

For further information please download the flyer and slides and view the recordings.