24-26 September 2025, Conference, Montreal, 45th AIVC - ASHRAE IEQ joint conference
24 - 26 September 2025 | Canada
08:00 Europe/Brussels

The conference "IEQ 2025: Rising to new challenges: Connecting IEQ to a sustainable future”, organized by ASHRAE and AIVC, will be held in Montreal, Canada on 24-26 September 2025. The conference will also be the 13th TightVent and 11th venticool conference.

This conference provides the opportunity to learn, network and engage with IEQ professionals dedicated to advancing the fields of indoor environmental quality.  Emphasis is placed on the growing understanding of occupant response to indoor environment elements (thermal, air quality, lighting and acoustics) while enhancing resilience in a changing climate. Seminars are led by experts from around the world representing AIVC, ASHRAE and many other partnering organizations.

Topics for Papers and Seminars

  • Performance Metrics: For all aspects of IEQ
  • Occupant Behavior: How behavior impacts IEQ and how IEQ impacts behavior - psychological dimensions of IEQ
  • Smart Sensors, Data and Controls: Sensor properties, data management, cybersecurity, applications, commissioning, equivalence
  • Resilience and IEQ: Responding to climate change and disasters
  • Ventilation: Mechanical, passive, natural and hybrid systems
  • Air Tightness: Trends, methods and impacts
  • Thermal Comfort: Dynamic approaches, health impacts and trends
  • Policy and Standards: Trends, impacts, implications
  • HVAC and IEQ in a post-COVID world
  • Ventilation and building decarbonization

Important dates

  • Abstracts for Conference Papers and Extended Abstracts Due: November 11, 2024
  • Decisions on Abstracts for Conference Papers and Extended Abstracts Sent: December 16, 2024
  • Registration Opens: March 7, 2025
  • Papers and Extended Abstracts Due: March 10, 2025
  • Paper Final Revisions Due: May 12, 2025
  • Speaker Presentations Due for Commercialism Review: September 8, 2025

More information can be found at: https://www.ashrae.org/conferences/topical-conferences/ieq-2025-conference