20 November 2020, Webinar – COVID-19 Ventilation related guidance by ASHRAE and REHVA
16:00 Europe/Brussels

Ventilation is recognized as a major element in strategies for minimizing the risk of COVID infection. REHVA and ASHRAE have developed guidelines taking existing evidence of long-range aerosol based transmission into account including the importance of ventilation.

This webinar presented the guidelines by REHVA and ASHRAE and also had a closer look to the similarities and differences in both guidelines.

This webinar was organized by the Air Infiltration and Ventilation Centre  with support from ASHRAE (https://www.ashrae.org/) and REHVA (https://www.rehva.eu/). The webinar was facilitated by INIVE (http://www.inive.org/).

Presentations and Speakers

  • Introduction, Arnold Janssens – chair of AIVC WG COVID-19 | Slides, Recordings
  • REHVA guidance regarding ventilation, Jarek Kurnitski – chair of REHVA COVID-19 task force | Slides, Recordings
  • Q&A part 1 | Recordings
  • ASHRAE guidance regarding ventilation, William P. Bahnfleth – chair of ASHRAE’s Epidemic task force | Slides, Recordings
  • Q&A part 2 | Recordings
  • Similarities and differences between REHVA’s & ASHRAE’s guidance, Valérie Leprince –  member AIVC COVID-19 working group & ASHRAE’s Epidemic task force | Slides, Recordings
  • Q&A part 3 | Recordings
  • Closing | Recordings

For further information please scroll down to download the flyer and slides and view the recordings.

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