12 January 2023, Webinar – Sleeping Environment IAQ and Sleep Quality
10:00 Europe/Brussels

Our bodies need good rest and sleep as part of regular recuperation to enable us to perform our normal activities in life.  Sleep is an integral part of human life and the importance and significance of good bedroom IAQ, indoor air pollution, ventilation as well as bedroom thermal environment during sleep cannot be emphasized more. Yet, there is a paucity of information in the scientific literature in this regard, especially pertaining to IAQ in sleeping environments and sleep quality.  Are our bedrooms adequately ventilated at all times to maintain good IAQ? Is the thermal comfort of our bedroom acceptable across all seasons?  Is our bedroom IAQ affecting our sleep quality? Are we even aware of these associations? What do the various international standards say about bedroom ventilation and IAQ?

This webinar aimed to provide a framework to address some of the above questions and encourage discussion on the need and call to action towards enhancing the IAQ in sleeping environments across different climates.

Originally, it was planned to have a topical session on this topic at the IAQ 2020 Conference, co-sponsored by AIVC and ASHRAE. As it could not be presented in-person at the conference, it was therefore offered in this virtual format. This webinar was organized by the AIVC & ASHRAE The webinar is facilitated by INIVE.

Programme (CET)

  • 10:00 | Introduction. What is this Workshop about? Chandra Sekhar, National University of Singapore, Singapore
  • 10:05 | An overview of Ventilation and IAQ Standards for sleeping environments, Chandra Sekhar, National University of Singapore (NUS), Singapore | Slides, Recordings
  • 10:20 | Thermal environment and sleep quality, Li Lan, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China | Slides, Recordings
  • 10:35 | Questions and answers | Recordings
  • 10:45 | Ventilation and IAQ in bedrooms, Jelle Laverge, Ghent University, Belgium | Slides, Recordings
  • 11:00 | ASHRAE Research Project - 1837-TRP “The Effects of Ventilation in Sleeping Environments”, Pawel Wargocki, ICIEE/DTU, Denmark | Slides, Recordings
  • 11:15 | Questions and answers | Recordings
  • 11:30 | End of webinar

For further information please scroll down to download the flyer & slides and view the recordings.