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  • In memoriam P. Ole Fanger (1934 – 2006) - 1
  • Residential Furnace Blower Performance in U.S. Homes - 3 ("Laboratory Evaluation of Residential Furnace Blower Performance")
  • New Research from ASHRAE - 5
  • Contrasting the capabilities of building energy performance simulation programs - 6 (AIVC CR04 - Contrasting the capabilities of building energy performance simulation programs)
  • First reports of FP6 eco-buildings project BRITA in PuBs available - 7
  • New guide about air handling units - 8
  • Nano-particles, air filtration and ventilation - 8
  • Final Reports Of Ec-Reshyvent Project Available - 9 (State of the art of low energy residential ventilation, Market survey for demand controlled hybrid ventilation in residential buildings, Occupant Behaviour and Attitudes with respect to Ventilation of Dwellings, General information on renewable applications for auxiliary energy - suitable for use in hybrid ventilation systems, Specifications of applicable renewable sources for integration in possible prototypes , Impact of RESHYVENT concepts on the use of renewable energy for heating, cooling and electricity , Solar chimneys, Opportunities, barriers and challenges in relation to the application of standards and regulations on hybrid ventilation systems, Outline for a general framework fro the assessment of innovative ventilation systems, Parameters for the performance assessment of hybrid ventilation systems - Performance criteria, target levels and design constraints, Description of reference buildings and ventilation systems, Parameters for the design of demand controlled hybrid ventilation systems for residential buildings , Portuguese Ventilation System, Ventilation Control Strategies, Source book for Residential Hybrid Ventilation Development
  • Fan Noise 2007 - 10
  • UNEP launches Green Building Initiative - 11
  • Saving 20% by 2020: European Commission unveils its Action Plan on Energy Efficiency - 11
  • AIVC Conference 2007: Building Low Energy Cooling and Advanced Ventilation Technologies in the 21st Century - 12
  • More information on AIVC Conference 2007

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Friday, December 1, 2006

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