29-09-2023 |

The date for the AIVC -TightVent - venticool 2023 Conference: “Ventilation, IEQ and health in sustainable buildings” is now approaching quickly! The conference will be held during 4-5 October 2023 in Copenhagen, Denmark. 

More than 190 people have booked their seats for the event!

The event will open with a welcome reception on Tuesday October 3, 2023 at 19:00. 

The conference will start on Wednesday October 4, 2023 at 09:00. On-site registration will be open from 08:00.

Keynote presentations & speakers

  • Tomorrow’s Ventilation Solutions for Future Hospital Demands, Trond Thorgeir Harsem, Nordconsult, Norway
  • Users and practices in heating and ventilating homes – why do they behave different than we think? Kirsten Gram-Hanssen, Aalborg University, Denmark
  • What we know about smart ventilation, Gaëlle Guyot, Cerema, France
  • Dallying with DALYs: Why acceptable IAQ should consider harm, Benjamin Jones, University of Nottingham, United Kingdom
  • Decoding 30 Years of Insights: Conclusions from ISIAQ's Landmark Webinar Series on Indoor Air Quality and Climate, Ying Xu, Tsinghua University, China

There will be 12 topical sessions:

  1. Airborne cross infection and engineering solutions
  2. Building and ductwork airtightness regulations in various countries
  3. Energy Performance of Gas Phase Air Cleaning
  4. Importance of good resilient building design and standards to ensure good ventilative cooling performance to reduce overheating and environmental impact
  5. Personalized Environmental Control Systems (PECS) operation and evaluation
  6. Real performance of (smart) residential ventilation - performance assurance, fault detection, continuous commissioning
  7. Revision of ISO 9972: Improvements in the reliability of airtightness measurements
  8. Summer comfort and energy efficiency in hot periods: interest of mixed mode cooling and need for occupant feedback
  9. The Role of Building Ventilation on Building Decarbonization
  10. The role of carbon dioxide and particulate matter for assessing ventilation and respiratory disease transmission in buildings
  11. Post Pandemic Pontifications
  12. Resilient Cooling of Buildings meets Resilient Cooling in Cities - Interactive Session

The detailed programme is now available here.
For further information and updates visit us at: https://aivc2023conference.org/
We are looking forward to welcoming you to Copenhagen!