19-20 March 2018 | Towards higher-performing buildings: The role of airtightness and ventilation

New Zealand homes and apartments have become more and more airtight and have reached a level of airtightness that requires dedicated ventilation. Despite the fact that there is no airtightness requirement in the New Zealand Building Code, new homes regularly reach an airtightness level of 2-3.5 ACH50. This can be a welcome trend as it allows controlled ventilation and therefore control of the energy demand of the building.

23 March 2018 | Ventilation for Indoor Air Quality and Cooling

Aiming to inform Australian researchers and engineers on recent developments in the field of ventilation technologies, the workshop gave international experts visiting Australia the opportunity to present global research to their local counterparts. The workshop showcased research that determines optimum ventilation levels and the development of advanced ventilation technologies to promote comfort, energy conservation and better indoor environmental quality in buildings.

The Ventilation for Indoor Air Quality and Cooling workshop aimed to: