18-22 September 1995, Conference, Palm Springs - 16th AIVC Conference

The 16th AIVC Conference - Implementing the results of ventilation research, was held in Palm Springs, USA, 18-22 September 1995. 


1-4 October 1984, Conference, Reno - 5th AIVC Conference

The 5th AIVC Conference - The implementation and effectiveness of air infiltration standards in buildings was held in Reno, Nevada, US, 1-4 October 1984.


12-14 September 2016, Conference, Alexandria, VA –37th AIVC - ASHRAE- IAQ joint Conference

This joint conference provided a unique opportunity for dialogue among attendees to facilitate understanding of current indoor air quality policies, standards and best practices with themes such as regulatory vs. voluntary compliance for achieving Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), the role of IAQ in sustainable building programmes and the relationship between IAQ and Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ), etc.


12-14 October 2003, Conference, Washington D.C. - 24th AIVC Conference

The 24th AIVC and BETEC Conference, Ventilation, Humidity control and energy, was held in Washington D.C., USA, 12- 14 October 2003


18-19 April 2013, Workshop, Washington DC - Building and Ductwork Airtightness: Design, Implementation, Control and Durability: Feedback from Practice and Perspectives

The workshop included presentations from several countries on a variety of issues, approaches and solutions in their different contexts. Presentations emphasized recent developments on test methods, building airtightness performance data, approaches to design, construction and commissioning that contribute to good airtightness performance, and the development of airtightness requirements in codes, standards and regulations. While much of the discussion focused on commercial and other high‐rise buildings, the workshop also addressed residential buildings.