Presentations & Speakers

  • Introduction to resilient ventilative cooling and venticool, Hilde Breesch - KU Leuven, Belgium
  • Ventilative cooling components: An overview, Peter Holzer - Operating Agent EBC Annex 80, Institute of Building Research & Innovation, Austria
  • Application of louvres to support ventilative cooling, Ivan Pollet - Renson, Belgium
  • Questions and answers
  • Examples of air flow enhancing and natural cooling components, Nick Hopper - Monodraught, United Kingdom
  • Controlled windows for ventilative cooling, Peter Foldbjerg - Velux, Denmark
  • Ventilative cooling integrated design, Jannick Roth - WindowMaster, Denmark
  • Questions and answers & Closing

More information on this event, including the slides of the presentations, can be found here.