84 avenue Jean Jaures
Champs sur Marne
77447 Marne la Vallée Cedex 2- France
E-mail:  charles.pele@cstb.fr
Website: http://www.cstb.fr/en/

In its quest to improve well-being and safety in buildings, CSTB practises four complementary trades: research, advanced engineering, quality assessment and the dissemination of knowledge. In combination with its fields of expertise, these allow CSTB to adopt a global approach to buildings, which includes their urban environment, services and new information and communication technologies.

CSTB is composed of eight departments which deal with four major themes:

  • Sustainable cities: Environmental foot print of the constructions - Environmental impact on the constructions
  • Sustainable and efficient buildings: Towards positive energy buildings - Sustainable modernisation of existing buildings
  • Risk mitigation: Healthy buildings - Mitigation of natural and accidental risks
  • Construction and social issues : Comfort and performances of buildings in use - Efficiency, process construction and management - Support to public policies

CSTB collaborates with contracting authorities, architects, research offices, manufacturers and builders, and helps the French public authorities to define technical regulations and ensure the quality of buildings. CSTB is a state-owned industrial and commercial corporative, placed under the administrative supervision of the French Ministry of Housing. It is one of Europe's leading research and evaluation centres.

The complementary skills of its experts allow it to deal with the most complex construction problems from a multidisciplinary standpoint.
At the international level, CSTB has asserted its international vocation ever since it was founded, and is involved in many scientific and technical partnerships. However, with the creation of the EU's Construction Products Directive (89/106/EEC) and its application via European technical approvals, European standards and CE labelling, CSTB's European vocation has taken on a far more important dimension.
With its involvement in European codification and research programs, CSTB is well-placed to help manufacturers deal with the European single market and support their export projects.

Outside the European Union, CSTB carries out activities in five main geographic areas:

  • Asia: China, Japan
  • South Korea
  • North America: USA, Canada, Mexico,
  • South America: Brazil, Argentina, Chile
  • Mediterranean: Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Lebanon, etc.