INIVE is facilitating the organisation of webinars in different projects by means of Webex technology:

  1. Webex meetings : this are internet meetings whereby all participants communicate through phone or headset
  2. Webex events : this are internet sessions whereby one or more persons give a presentation and whereby up to 200 persons can follow through their PC and built in speaker. Afterwards, the recordings of these events can be made available on the internet
For the Webex events, the following 2 documents give practical guidance:

How to use WebEx Event Center? Instructions for panelists

How to use WebEx Event Center? Instructions for attendees

Future webinars    
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Past webinars    
23 May 2019 New perpectives on kitchen ventilation Flyer - Presentations - Recordings
25 April 2019 Ductwork airtightness measurements: protocols Flyer - Presentations - Recordings
4 September 2018 Using Metal Oxide Semiconductor (MOS) sensors to measure Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) for ventilation control Flyer - Presentations - Recordings
25 April 2018 Ventilative cooling and summer comfort: Freevent project in France Flyer - Presentations - Recordings
6 March 2018 IAQ sensors for smart ventilation of buildings Flyer - Presentations - Recordings
25 January 2018 Ductwork airtightness: Standardisation’s ongoing work and an overview of status and trends
in Sweden, Japan, Spain and Portugal
Flyer - Presentations - Recordings
13 January 2017 On The Quest For Indices Defining Indoor Air Quality. What Is A Reasonable Approach? Info - Presentations - Recordings
12 January 2016 Building airtightness and initiatives to improve the quality of the works Info - Presentations - Recordings
17 December, 2015 Ventilative cooling potential and compliance in Energy Performance regulations
Status and perspectives in Belgium, Estonia, Greece
Info - Presentations - Recordings
8 December, 2015 Assessing ventilative cooling potential in Energy Performance regulations Status and perspectives in Austria, Denmark, France Flyer - Presentations -Recordings
20 November 2014 Airtightness testing part 3: Status and trends in competent tester schemes in Denmark, Ireland and Sweden Flyer - Presentations - Recordings
22 November 2013 Airtightness testing part 2: Status and trends in competent tester schemes in Germany, the Czech Republic and France Flyer - Presentations - Recordings
14 November 2013 Airtightness Testing part 1: Status and trends in competent tester schemes in the UK and Belgium Flyer - Presentations - Recordings
8 October 2013 Building Airtightness Solutions: System approach and characterisation of  air barrier and moisture management systems Flyer - Presentations - Recordings
4 June 2013 Building Airtightness Solutions: Recent Research and Characterisation of Sealants and Tapes Flyer - Presentations - Recordings
26 November 2012 Demand-Controlled Ventilation in the European context Approaches in 4 countries and at EU level Flyer - Presentations - Recordings
25 May 2012 The need for structured air leakage databases in energy conservation in buildings policies Flyer - Presentations - Recordings

9 November 2011

Achieving better envelope in practice – Norway Flyer - Presentations - Recordings