Environmental concerns, in particular, have over the last decade led to a series of new initiatives in the European Union related to energy efficiency in buildings, with several directives comprising the main driver for action at the level of the Member States. In less than a decade from now, all new buildings should meet the nearly zero-energy (NZEB) targets and, at the same time, building renovation represents a major challenge. Further steps have to be taken on the longer term and in particular for the existing building stock to ensure radical progress.

All Member States are currently transposing the various directives (in particular the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive, the Renewable Energies Directive and the Energy Efficiency Directive) into national legislation. Though imposing stimulating requirements is important, the claimed energy performance can be different from the reality. Moreover, it is important that works related to energy efficiency and renewable energies are of good quality, in order to ensure that the expected energy performances are achieved and that the works will be sustainable over a long lifetime. In the opposite case, societal and political support might be lost.

These 2 concerns are at the centre of the QUALICHeCK project proposal, which was submitted in May 2013 as part of the 2013 of Intelligent Energy Europe. The key objectives are the following:

- To set up a series of actions which should result in more attention and real action for compliance for new and renovated buildings (with specific focus for residential buildings) to the claimed energy performance i.e. “Boundary conditions which force people to do what they declare”;

- To set up a series of actions, which should result in more attention and real action for achieving a better quality of the works, i.e. “Boundary conditions which stimulate and allow the building sector to deliver good quality of the works”.

The QUALICHeCK proposal has received a positive evaluation and has started in March 2014. If you wish to know more about this project or you are interested to become involved, please contact us at info@inive.org.

More information can be found on www.qualicheck-platform.eu.