Grupo Termotecnia – Universidad de Sevilla (TMT-US)
Energy Sustainability in Buildings
Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingenieros

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Grupo de Termotecnia is a research team within the frame of the School of Engineering at the University of Seville. It was established in 1979, with the main objective of researching and promoting the rational use of energy, with emphasis on the building sector.

Most of its research activities are managed through the Andalusian Association for Research & Industrial Cooperation, AICIA, a private, non-profit organisation established in 1982 in the Engineering School at the University of Seville. AICIA is a Technological Centre conducting research activities in most of the Engineering Areas. Its turnover was 15 million € in 2009. Some 300 researchers are active in AICIA.

Grupo de Termotecnia’s research covers both the thermal performance of the building envelope and the building technical systems. Integration of renewable energy sources and environmental heat sinks (passive heating and cooling) are priorities. Natural ventilation, innovative systems, indoor air quality and the impact of the urban environment on the thermal performance of buildings have also been fields of extensive research. A significant number of PhD dissertations have been developed in all of these areas.

Research activities have been funded through many regional, national and more than 45 European projects. Some of these are mentioned here due to their relationship to INIVE’s scope of activities:

A significant set of national projects have been related to the support and development of the scientific basis and final user documents and tools for the transposition of the EPBD (Energy Performance of Buildings Directive) in Spain.
Among the activities undertaken in this topic since 1999, to mention a few:

National calculation tools for verification of minimum requirements (LIDER) and for

At present, Grupo de Termotecnia is deeply involved in the updating of the minimum requirements (foreseen for 2011) and the preparation of the EPBD Recast implementation. Team members are participating, as Spanish representatives, in all the editions of the Concerted Action for EPBD.

Grupo de Termotecnia is taking part in national projects in cooperation with private building industry companies, building practitioners, the energy sector, architecture and engineering consultancies interested in research, development and innovation focused on low energy buildings.

The latest related contributions in scientific publications include:

A new methodology towards determining building performance under modified outdoor conditions. F.J. Sánchez de la Flor, J.M. Salmerón and S. Álvarez. Building and Environment 41 (2006), 1231-1238

The Grupo de Termotecnia joined INIVE due to an interest in a deeper collaboration with other members that have been developing their activities in the same fields. INIVE is a network of excellence that has promoted a number of key actions in the context of building ventilation and energy. The participants have contributed significantly to progress in the rational use of energy in buildings, which closely agrees with Grupo de Termotecnia’s main objective.